Not you again?!

Not you again?!

why am I starting yet another tech blog

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Yeah, it's me again.

I've been trying to be more consistent in making tech blogs, but maybe I did not manage so far as I haven't had a tool like this before?!

Hi everyone, Vince here, vikkio on the web. I am a developer interested in mainly 2 things: Web and Game development.

I love to share things and I've tried many times to create and maintain a tech blog, this time I will succeed (until I get bored).

What will I be blogging about? Stuff mainly! I am one of those developers with a bazillion GitHub repos of side projects.

I started coding in high school because I wanted to become a Game Developer, but life brought me somewhere else and I have been working in the Web Development world for the whole of my career. Still, I am keeping that alive somehow, so I have been studying and working on some games in my spare time to keep that spark alive.

Blogging about that is also part of a greater plan, to keep me more onto it, if I force myself to blog about it it means that I am doing it for real.

so yeah if you are interested in the adventures of a Web dev with loads of side projects and a passion for game development, stay tuned.

I will be porting some of my posts from other platforms too.